Tarot Readings & Coaching


Each session takes usually 1 hour.

Discount is available depending on a number of sessions and personal situation.


I help you to re-connect to your intuitive mind in order to follow your true Self and

maintaining clarity about your desired lifestyle.

As a coach I assist you with navigating toward what you really want, linking your

skills and dreams to your reality.

In theory, you can become anyone you want and reach your goals. In reality, you have to take into account such aspects as lifespan, health, surroundings - a country you live in and its political situation- your personality, level of dedication, connections to others - how influential your circle of friends is.

There is a way for you! I facilitate the process of your own discovery, so you can choose what works for you.




We use breath, movement, imagination, feelings and body sensations; incorporating elements of such methods as Alexander technique, process work, EFT, coaching, dance therapy, role-playing and more.


We move in the dimension where body sensation, emotions and mind becomes one, congruent in order to co-create your reality.


Let's integrate subconscious material, stored in the body, with your everyday Self.



I'm interested in connecting and understanding the world around me, focused on supporting the BEST within all of us.

More about my journey you can read in JOANNA



For those seeking change on a physical, emotional, mind & reality level.


You want to re-connect with your intuitive Self, tune into your personal creative power & get more clarity about your best lifestyle;

* Improve positive self-image, confidence, concentration & posture;

* Evolve flexibility of your movement & tap into your own style;

* Energize your body & breath easily;

* Lessen chronic pains, transform stress or hypertension;

* Learn to notice and read messages, subtle signals present in symptoms and follow them to integrate conscious with the subconscious mind;


* Enhance verbal and non-verbal communication to Self, loved ones and to the world;

* Strengthen the abilities to deal with conflicts or traumas;

* Change the way you feel, therefore change a perspective;


* Link your talents with reality;

* Surround yourself with similar minded people & thrive in the community of creative minds; be part of the teamwork.

If you like to get more insight into your personal journey, gain awareness about where you are going or learn more about yourself, here are gifts to download. 


You don't have to necessarily fill it in, although making notes for some people is helpful. It is also enough to ask yourself a question and wait till the answer will naturally unfold to you.


Get more inspired:

BOOKS, Articles, Videos on Youtube, music & performances.



Warsztaty ~sesje ~ zajęcia

samorealizacja i współtworzenie rzeczywistości

Ekspansja wymarzonej rzeczywistości i zakotwiczenie jej w ziemskiej realności ;)