Q: What is the genre of your novels?

A: My novels I would classify as…. paranormal fiction, partly fantasy.


Q: What is paranormal fiction and how does it differ from popular fantasy fiction?

A: A paranormal fiction is a genre of fiction whose storylines revolve around the paranormal, unexplainable, untouchable, but felt.


Q: How did you come up with the story in dreams?

A: It is a combination of history, spiritual beliefs, my personal dreams I had and some conspiracy theories.


Q: How many series of “The Oracle” are expected?

A: All together are planned 10 books. First one is published by a traditional Press in Maine: All Things That Matter Press.


Q: Will your books be available in audio format?

A: I really hope so and as soon as I am updated, I will put that information online.


Q: Why did you choose the title "The Oracle"?

A: The Oracle means a priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity. I think this is most fitting the main character Jasmin who is receiving portions of information in her dreams. Nobody could discuss with the oracle in the past, so Jasmin cannot prove anything she is dreaming about, yet… she has some signs to follow.


Q: Can you describe the hero of your story?

A: I wouldn’t go that far in stating my characters are heros ;). Jasmin is far from perfect, so her “Sarah – an alter ego” - priestess from the past, claiming to be Jasmin. Although they are contrasting one to another, they are linked through dreams influencing one another more and more in further series. While Jasmin suffers from tremendous lack of confidence, Sarah has a lot of that quality. Both are driven by a strong desire.

Both will have to decide how egoistic they want to be and how will they respond to the possible challenges of humankind.


Q: Is there a message you wanted to convey in your books?

A: I hope all of my messages will pierce through story telling. ;) I touched on so many subjects that probably they are not given the proper attention, as that is not possible. The main one though is about gaining personal self awareness. The more aware we are in life, the better choices we can make.

Another one is to portray what it really takes to go through a real transformation in life, make a meaningful change, how and to what degree that is possible taking into account what can hinder someone along the way.







Q: Why you give so much attention to dreams in The Oracle series?

A: Why not? Dreaming takes half of our life and we cannot exist without it. Whatever is happening while sleeping, the brain is still working, regenerating or… maybe communicating. Just because some dreams seem to us insane, it doesn’t mean they are wrong. ;)

I have my favorite approach to dreams influenced by A. Mindell and his process oriented psychology, but I think the first time I started to be interested in the concept of lucid dreaming was, while reading books of Carlos Castaneda.

There is so much that is happening while we sleep. We can approach it on so many levels: trying to dream consciously; or changing the course of a dream if we know we are in a one; we can interpret the symbolic aspect of it, then get more congruent with ourself in every day life, what makes us more authentic.

Dreams are powerful way of communication between logic mind and this creative, subconsious and intuitve one. If we can learn its language, unique for everyone.

If we don’t see something, it doesn’t mean it doens’t exist. We don’t see feelings, yet, wars are a result of uncontrolled emotions, never from reasonable thinking.

If reincarnation is real, dreams are a perfect key to access it.


Q: Your character Jasmin is not always sleeping in order to see things that no one else can perceive. Is it also some form of dreaming?

Of course there is something so called day dreaming, lucidity while you are awake, but have images in your head showing you things. Imagination goes a bit wider and if you are an artist you can create from that place of yourself.

There are also other methods like divination that helps us to tune into something else that just logic mind.

However in order to tune into intuitive part of self, you need to lose critical mind for at least sometime. Then, afterwards, you can judge received information.




Writing process

Q: What inspires you to write about paranormal world, different dimnensions of life? Where is it all coming from?

A: I think I always was perceiving something more, not always accessible for everyone. I just didn’t understand that. I was drawn to ancient teachings of Huna, Yoga, power of prayer and so on.

I also love psychology, defined as science of one’s psyche with all its discovered and yet not discovered secrets. A lot from what I am writing is influenced by philosophy, art, beliefs, history.


Q: How your creative process looks like? Is it harmonious?

A: Oh no! I am writing obsessively hearing characters in my head leading a dialogue. It has to be written immediately, so sometimes I hardly manage to type what I hear and see. I think I am tapping to some form of inner, imaginary world, where all is possible. Everyone of us has such place accessible by sudden triggers like peace, idea, vision, someone’s sentence, a book, etc.


Q: Why do you need to express yourself artistically on so many levels? Why not only writing? You also dance, sing, paint.

A: Some people can express themselves in one form only, I think I am not that person. I only can follow, as best I can, what wants to express through me. The tools are secondary. I think it is more about allowing the process to happen. If something wants to be written, I will listen and make a note. The same with dance, paint.


Q: Why fantasy? Paranormal?

A: I believe in something more than consensus reality and there is nothing better than own imagination that can help us to access these ot6her dimensions whether real or not, or just symbolic. They are helping us to live, be well.
























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