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Joanna M. Pilatowicz 


I’m creative, expressing my work through dance, word, music, and colors.



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 Joanna Pilatowicz  - adult's coach, dancer, dance teacher, choreographer,  author, the abstract painter, lived in Poland, The Netherlands and currently in Germany.





Born in Warsaw, Poland, she holds a Master of Arts Degree in Adults Education (Andragogy) from Warsaw University. Her master thesis “Expansion through dance” was combining an idea of dance as an artistic expression and dance as a healing media, positively influencing not only a body but mind and soul.

Aside she was a student of Acting Dancing Studio of Hanna Kaminska in Warsaw, where she later began to teach. Starting her dancing education from ballet, she was mostly drawn to Jazz (Horton), modern techniques (Limon) and African, Latino dances, combining all in her teaching and dance.

Additionally, as a post-diploma study, she was a student of psychotherapy connected with movement as a part of Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. She received backgrounds in dance therapy, Alexander technique, yoga, tai- chi,  breathing techniques, process-oriented psychology. 


Dance & Performing arts


Attracted to a different media of self-expression, dance became the strongest passion putting aside for years other forms. Although there is a room now for more, she still teaches, creates choreography, dances taking up different performing art projects such as: cooperation with Pepe TV, Polish Television in Germany; choreography for Project FE_14 "Jugend ins Zentrum!" in Kulturhaus theater Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg; dancing and acting in the show “Hard candy” in Nostos- tanztheater; dancing  in Bewegungschoir for the Mannheim National Theatre, participating in the productions as: Macbeth, Parsifal;  modelling for Studio PCF, The Hague; dance and choreography for fashion show at Ferreira shop in The Hague;


"I never quite felt I need to teach somebody. I am enjoying though sharing, create and  dance with all my dedicated students."


In her dance classes, you can see the combination of Jazz routines with the flow of the modern technique and the influence of Latino and African styles. She is also teaching kids: jazz with hip-hop elements.


Joanna’s work is influenced and inspired by Joan van der Mast (modern dance teacher specializing in Laban Movement Analysis, choreographer), Arnold Mindell (process work precursor), Mich Mokelo (African dancer and dance teacher), Marcel Peneux (tap dancer, Latino dancer), principles of Martial Arts, work of some of the spiritual teachers of India such as Yogananda. w


Abstract Art


"I started to paint from a desire to make my environment more colorful and belief that colors are positively influencing human psyche acting a bit like talismans, directing our subconscious mind toward the desired result."


Joanna was invited and organized a few art exhibitions in The Netherlands, Amsterdam; Germany and Morocco, Taza, gave also a lecture about signs to the British Club of the Hague.


The abstracts she paints are the combinations of Runes and other symbols used by different cultures such as Celts and Vikings to improve quality of life on a personal, professional and emotional level, bringing growth, spiritual knowledge and enhancing consciousness.



"Passing the border of reality I would say I am entering the world of fantasy, dreamland and paranormal, however, that all is still connected to everyday life."


Life in the Netherlands inspired her to write her first short stories in Polish language hiding some of an observed reality behind the veil of fantasy.

She is the author of three published books in Poland:

* "Opowiesci z pogranicza swiatów" (Tales from the border)

* "W innych wymiarach" (In other dimensions)

Both books are fantasy novels. In a light form, using metaphors, Joanna touches important questions in human life: faith in destiny, reincarnation, a higher instance, personal philosophy, the complexity of the human psyche, relationships with others and with the world.

* "Down the rabbit hole - a recipe for Crowdfunding" - a guide in the form of an e-book, for advice on how to effectively conduct a campaign to collect money


Her new novel The Oracle - Here or there, Book I is an introduction to a series of books about an Immigrant, Jasmin who despite lack of all possible means in order to make a meaningful change, persists in reaching for unreachable. The paranormal element is strongly present in her dreams and seems to creep into her reality giving a sense of going insane. A powerful character Sarah, an apparent alter ego or past incarnation of Jasmin, tries to convince her to own story...

This novel is much more personal, drawing from some of the experiences of Joanna as well of others creating a character of Jasmin.


"I was always drawn by what's invisible to a human eye. At the same time, probably from a desire to understand my own Self and motives more, I started to write diaries which turned to unfold in the least expectable for me way. So I just followed it."


"The supernatural creatures in my books and paranormal aspects present there, are my own ways to express my reality, linking non -fiction with a feeling world as well as adding some sort of higher force to it.

It is my own metaphor for different roles from our so called subpersonalities that perhaps want to share their story with us, in order for us to grow,  explore, experience or have a more fulfilling life. I do my best to follow these inner voices, giving them space and grabbing their message."


Joanna also cooperates with Polish magazine in German Twoje Miasto (Your Town) writing articles for the section: Na pograniczu nauki.

You can also find her on Hubpages where she shares ideas in forms of articles and interviews about some other subjects, also in International Coaching News, an online magazine.

Previously she was cooperating with Access Magazine in the Hague, writing about Immigration experiences.


Having always a desire to support those underappreciated, outsiders, not fitting into a "normal" role in a society, she created an online project: Artist's4you on Facebook and Artists' house on her website with a goal to promote paid artists, their creative process, share information about marketing and be more visible online.


Traveling and living in different countries, in the multicultural environment, influenced Joanna’s artistic expression as well as personal philosophy.


She is mostly interested in relationships between different fields of sciences' and spiritual traditions such as shamanism, how they impact someone's personal beliefs and expression in life.