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The Oracle series is a marriage between everyday life in a different culture and the inexplicable.


In her twenties, Jasmin, a Polish artist desires to move abroad to the Netherlands to fulfill her potential and find a better life, which frustratingly never seems to come. Facing lack of money and forbidden love, she additionally experiences constant nightmares, about her appearance, alter ego Sarah, an Oracle, a priestess.

Although Jasmin tries to ignore the dreams, fiction seems to creep into reality.

Jasmin, with no trust in her own abilities, has glimpses

of a strong demanding Sarah who never gives up in her attempts to remove the curse from her future incarnations.

What is the connection between consensus reality and the inner one, if any? Is Jasmin a reincarnation of Sarah or indeed an alter ego?

Can dreams influence everyday life and to what degree?

Reality versus unknown is not the only conflict Jasmin deals with. Living in a society focused on survival in a materialistic world, she strongly tries to suppress her artistic nature to survive. She will have to make a decision to stay in the Netherlands or fail again and go back. Will she come to terms with dreams about past incarnations? Will she be able to keep the border intact between normal human perception and mystery?


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ABSTRACT ART for interior design



Abstract paintings are designed for decoration, color therapy and can be also used in Feng Shui. They are based on the psychological knowledge that certain shapes, signs, and colors can have a positive influence on the human psyche.

Different shapes of signs are correlated to different types of qualities present in nature, and the environment.



The images are the combinations of Runes and other symbols used by different cultures such as Celts, Vikings. In some of the cultures, symbols were and still are used to improve the equality of life on a personal, professional, emotional level, bringing growth and enhancing consciousness and spiritual knowledge.



The paintings are created using acrylic on canvas.


They are available in different sizes: 40/50 cm; 30/40 cm; 40/40 cm; 30/30; 24/30.


Prices depend on size, materials and time.


To purchase art, write to

Joanna.pilatowicz (at)



Inspiration comes also from other people’s life, environment as well as great artists not

necessarily the most famous ones. However, one of my favorites is Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Miro.


Other products from the images, such as pillows, bags, T-shirt, cards, towels & more are available on FINEARTSAMERICA


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