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What we do


* We create supportive environment that encourages people's best potentials, encouraging their artistic work by tapping into authentic Self.

* We address such issues as: underpayment, no payment at all, discrimination, personal difficulties, etc.

* We enable artists and others sustainably integrate their talents into the labor market by finding links between artists skills and fulfilling job market.




* education - workshops: negotiations, motivation, analysis of individual competence, organization skills, planning, self psychological help, health, coaching.

* individual counseling, psychological support,

* networking - connecting people

* cooperating with other communities, institutes such as Jobs agencies, companies, Cultural offices, etc.

* assisting in creating job places for artists

* creating library of articles, materials, books online



Some articles about artists you will find in the section:


















Doors to a better Self ~ Living inspired ~

Creative minds community ~



I dedicate this subpage to support artists and all creative people on their personal journey to express best of themselves and share with the world.



While I am doing research about possibility to establish a real place, a building I started to develop this project online.


I welcome all creative minds to join me, share their ideas, give feedback and remember this is a work in progress.

I believe a real change comes always from a community although single person can inspire and give an idea. Creating a community online and nearest environment is the first step for this change.

So here it is online basic info and a platform,

forum on Facebook to share thoughts and support each other.


Group meetings are organized in

Heidelberg: Mondays in different cafes near Bismarckplatz, usually 18:30 - 19:45

Mannaheim: Wednesdays in Afrika Restaurant

For more info please contact


0176 361 37 858


and Free Stuff, something to read, library online, articles, free online coaching program you will find it here.


Let's make impossible possible.










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