Abstract Art





They are designed for decoration, color therapy and can be also used in the art of Feng Shui.


They are based on the psychological knowledge that certain shapes, signs, and colours can have positive influence on human psyche.















Different shapes of signs are correlated to different types of qualities present in nature, environment and human body.Therefore they can also assist as Talismans.



The images are the combinations of symbols used by different cultures such as Celts, Vikings. In some of the cultures symbols were and still are used to improve quality of life on a personal, professional, emotional level, bringing growth and enhancing consciousness and spiritual knowledge.



Abstract paintings are created using acrylic colours on canvas or paper and are available in a different sizes:


40/50 cm; 30/40 cm; 40/40 cm; 30/30; 24/30.

depth: 2 cm/ 4 cm/ 0 cm

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