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* When communicating about how you feel doesn't work


* When you called being oversensitive


Reality of a book launching for authors I


* Reality of a book launching for authors II


* Reality od a book launching for authors III 


* Is talking about past relationships so bad?


* What you believe in, determines how you are


* When someone says one thing, but does another (congruency)


* The reason to live


* New definition of an Artist


* Independent Film making in India - Interview


* Artists time for a change


* Human trafficking - Traps to avoid


* Crowdfunding - how to raise funds for your project?


* Dealing with a crisis in relationships


* Do you believe in talismans


* Silent killer, so kind


* What are the components or a lasting intimate relationship?


* Assumptions in relationships


* Women think before, men after


* What divination really is?


* How to deal with the loss of your loved one?


* In search for personal power after break up


* The greatest boyfriend ever


Why don't you


* Can we change core beliefs, therefore so-called destiny? 


* Inspiring texts PART I - Process work approach to Japanese Buddhism


Inspiring texts PART II - Communication in relation to Process Work


Symmetry in relationships


Little signs matter – Before romance


Basic form of communication in relationships


* Back from the Hague


* My Morocco






Interview in Link to Poland


Wywiad w Link to Poland



Dance teacher  in Hembach


(in German)


Dance teacher

for Pinquin Tappers

in Hemsbach


Dancer for Nostos Tanztheater

" Hard candy"



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