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For whom?


* For adults seeking for answers in life, being on discovery of personal preferences considering career versus dreams;


* wanting to embrace the conflict between what is realistically viable profession and hidden dream that seem to not have a chance to be fulfilled. (finding the power to connect both).


* to those exploring communication in relationships and the world.


If you think your life is not going the direction you want to…

If you feel you are failing…

If you like to explore who you really are and what your unique skills are…


these sessions will provide some solutions you may like to apply.






















Individual Coaching Session




Typical coaching session takes usually 1 hour. Depending on specific situations and conditions, it is possible to extend or reduce the time. It is adjusted to the needs of clients with specific attention to their comfort.


The first session is the interview where specific client’s need are welcome to be introduced. Accordingly the adjusted program will follow.

Sessions are available in-person as well as via skype or phone upon receipt of payment.

Discount is available depending on number of sessions and personal situation.

















Some additional information:


* Sessions, classes in Mannheim, Heidelberg also via Skype, phone.


* If you additionally are purchasing a painting, you have 50% discount for the session.


* By the purchase of painting/s over 200 Euros, your session is free.



More about my art & coaching work you will find here




Bonus & more fun

Creative coaching with divination


Such media as Tarot or Runes cards, are one of the fastest way to get to our subconscious mind in order to find answers.


If you are seeking for a prophecy, then well... I am not the best choice.


However if you're looking for more clarity to what is happening to you, how or if you can direct it, what options you have, this reading may be for you.



















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