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Writing is another form of how we can create beauty out of what is presented to us.


Dance, just as any other medium (writing, singing, painting) is powerful tool to experience what you really want.


Fantasy allows to look at reality from many perspectives.


If not dance... then you can still sing, write, paint, compose as creation seem to be unlimited.


Confidence is everything. If you have it, you already arrived wherever you were going, at least in your mind, but since the mind is crucial... that's all what counts. ;)


Don't loose touch with Consensus Reality while you are following your dream.


There's no pleasure from being one-sided.


No path is worth taking without Self.


The beauty of being an author is similar to being an actor, therapist or traveler: you are never one sided, you can always switch the role, being a hero or antihero or a non-judgmental observer, a witness to what is happening.


When I am dancing with you, I feel like there is nothing I cannot do.


Joanna Pilatowicz


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